Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Sorry, everyone (if there is indeed anyone still reading this blog!), but I've been off task for awhile now, having gotten the flu (down for a week), trying to catch up on work, then going off for vacation for a week or so (and again, trying to catch up on work again). I'm hoping to get some time to do a little more work on my module sometime this week or at the latest this weekend. Feel free to check back next week and see if I've got anything new to share.

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Manicsheep said...


I'm sorry to bother but I really need help with a script and when I asked the people on the bioware forum they pretty much just sneered at me >< sniff sniff.

I was wondering how to go about the following"

I'd like to make floating text hover in the air nearby the player for a wee while.

For instance, when player crosses over a certain line a trigger will go off that will make it say:

You hear the patrons at a nearby table talk in hushed voices about something dwelling in the woods nearby.

And then have it vanish after about 10 seconds, only showing once.

Or if they wander down a hallway:

The floorboards creak heavily underneath the tread of your feet, the sound echoing along the desolate hallway's corridors.

If you can help with this by telling me what to do (in detail, since i'm stupid) i'd really appretiate it!!

My email address is